Friday, February 24, 2006

An Empty Mind

Empty mind is devils workshop
but I differ.....I believe
Empty mind is a creative workshop.
The result of a creative activity can be beautiful like Taj Mahal or dirty as slums. This blog is also result of a partially empty mind. A tribute to aimless hours I spend with my desktop at home and office. Work in IT has one thing in common with monsoon in my home town Kerala. Like monsoons have incessant rain with hot and humid breaks, IT has seemingly unending toil with regular project-less warm periods.
Read on and give me your valuable comments…And let me introduce you to the protagonist in this blog. He is N K Pillai . Narayanan K. Pillai a young Indian. He is at times similar to me but differs at many junctions. Quite a simple complicated person and very similar to every other person you meet on a normal day. I call him Abnormally Normal.

1 comment:

Jackfruit said...

I by mistake removed the only comment I had. so I am putting it back myself again with a sincere apology to Soumya (the great person who put it..)

After all piccakarnu ahangaram padilla (beggar should not be proud..)..similarly najan comments delete cheyyan padilla..:-)

comment as follows:
ninaku mannankatta ennu peru idamayirunnu..

*not sure if this was the exact wording.