Monday, February 05, 2007

I Miss You

It is said Boys grow to become Big Boys. This blog is dedicated to one author who brought me from boys gang to big boys in reading.

For avid readers the genre of book one reads marks that period of life. Life started with color nursery story books, then to Champak, Chaca Choudhari and Tinkle (Courtesy my fathers Air force job which kept me away form kerala, Balarama and poompata took a late entry into my life). This was the kids section. Then came the days of secret seven, famous five and hardy boys.

But one author who brought me to the Big Boys gang in reading was sidney sheldon. He caught me with his book “Master of the Game” (but Jamie McGregor and not kate was my favorite in it…). Strong protagonist and equally competent adversaries, fast pace, good, simple narration, sense of direction and enough of Masala ( :-) :-) has any of his book ever missed it..!!!). This was the beginning of my tryst with all different categories of books from history, to science fiction. As life passes by I may still wander about trying more flavours (Bhagavath geetha, and Ramaya after sometime... ;-) ). But still I can never get a Sidney Sheldon to pass by me unread. He has definitely made an indispensable position in my “I READ list”.

As the golden era of his came to an end on 30 January (Author Sidney Sheldon dead), it has left a huge gap in my favourite list.

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