Friday, November 16, 2007

Around the world in a week

Around the world is an exaggeration, but at-least I traveled to other side of the world (US of A) and back in a week. It was like 4 days on transit and 6 days in US.
When your time is counted …You make the most of it. We did try to prove that, we hired a car and tried to savor as much of San Diego and LA could in 36 hours. And I should say I loved “Apna desh” as US is called back in office (with love).

The modus operandi at all the places we visited was to approach the help desk, give them the map and ask them to chalk out the best plan for us with the limitation of time and preference for action packed rides. And the helpdesk did a fabulous job of planning it out, something that the friendly helpdesk at Wonder-la in Bangalore cannot even dream of. One of the places we visited was Sea World in San Diego. It was interesting how they involved the visitors in all the action around the place. Here was the famous Dolphin show which I had till then seen only on TV (my favorite “Travel and Living”). In the show a small kid (6-7 years old probably and sorry kid I forgot your name) and his father were invited to be a part of the performance. Brave he was I should agree, at his age I would not stand in front of a fried fish in my dinner plate and he was standing among a couple of dolphins. The trainer asked him to touch the Dolphin and explain how it felt. The kid gave one of the most original comments I have ever heard, he said “It felt like a Sausage”। Even the trainer agreed it was one of the best answers she ever got.

As they say “setting the world on fire” …wild fires almost crippled whole of San Diego day after we left (more on this here). Luckily all my friends there managed without much loss


dharmabum said...

sounds exciting, though i'd prefer to go out and explore on my own...

Nanditha Prabhu said...

thank you for dropping by ... keep visiting!
you seemed to have an exciting time!