Friday, May 30, 2008

Blog swami

During a long phone discussion with a dear friend he enquired about the absence of blogs for long.
That reminded me of a chapter in CBSE Hindi text about Tansen and one of his guru (I believe Swami Haridas). It talked about being a sangeet samrat (roughly music king) and sangeet swami (roughly music god). While Tansen was sangeet “king” and sang for the king. Guru was a sangeet “god” and sang for god. Tansen sang to entertain the king and was paid and taken care of well by the king as a jewel in King’s court. Guru sang for himself and god, and god paid in terms of job satisfaction. It probably talked about the greatness of being god.

Being a god might be great, but being a king is tough. God as a customer is easy to please but king is a tough one.

Something like that, being “blog swami” is easier than being a “blog samrat”. Writing blogs for one’s own pleasure is much easier than being a bolgger who writes for a reader group.
After all a blog samrat can’t afford to be silent for long.
I am a blog swami although not by choice. But yes I envy all the really entertaining and though provoking blog samrats out there.

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