Friday, August 22, 2008

Clean Indians

This is one of the many posters that have appeared in the office as part of a noble move to educate us on keeping our rest rooms neat.

I feel these were long due. We Indians feel that we are a great race. We teach our children big things about spirituality, politics, history, morals etc. But miss out on very basics. There is a lot of talk about need of sex education in school, but it is classes on cleanliness that we Indian need the first. Working at an Indian software major I do not understand what is that stops a well educated man from flushing the toilets after use or what is it that makes him spill water all over as he washes his hand or leave big food particles in sink to make it clog. We can also notice this on international flights. The Indian leg of any flight will be dirtier than the international one.

Most of us expect “some poor chap” to clean after us. But yes it is not entirely our fault. For centuries now we have been used to open spaces and green toilets. A sink and a tap which you need to be press to get the water flowing can no way replace a river or a pond. These cramped toilets probably are a crime against us.

As you can judge a man by his shoes, you can judge a house and its inmates by the toilet

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