Saturday, December 27, 2008

Feeling Vs decision

... Love is therefore a "decision". Not just a feeling. You can "make" love ...

I got a forwarded mail long time back which had this comment. And I got this again sometime last week. And even before I had got these mails I was firm believer of this philosophy. I should call it really unromantic but true :). Epics, history, poets, writers, movies and everyone like to call it a spontaneous felling.

In the same line, I also logically have a problem with love at first sight. I think love at first sight happens when you already have made a sketch of your partner in mind and you see someone who fits the bill. So in this case the decision to love was mostly taken earlier itself. At times this is so much in the unconscious mind that one does not realize the decision taken.

I feel that I have a congenital knack for giving out-of-place examples or comparisons. Continuing with that tread, first thing that came to my mind when I saw this line was my bike :). I had a bike. It was not fast, had poor pickup, it was not sporty, it was not good looking, it was too common and was popularly described as old men’s bike in college. And I was not too excited when my dad bought it for me. But once I had it I decided to love it. Soon I loved this thing much more than I expected and religiously fought any friend who called it a junk :) and any day I could state 101 good points about it.


state of mind? said...

yeah right in a sense..its all a state of mind!
when u love someone..its a decision taken by the mind coz the mind understands that ur wavelenghts match n the relationship will work out n the other person will not bruise ur ego but will kind of pamper u ...all in spirit..

Jackfruit said...

Sofm? : Well I agree all is in 'state of mind' :D