Sunday, January 11, 2009

The News on Paper

Some time back I read Three Mistakes of My life by Chetan Bhagat. Well I never felt anything special about the Book. I should say Chetan Bhagat is yet to repeat a quality one like Five Point Someone.

But anyway, I remember a few lines from the book every time I read a news paper nowadays “Why do old people love news papers so much? They love reading the news but what do they do about it? ...”
Well at least old people have something to look out for in Obituary. Youngsters do not even need to look for that, anyway they are also mostly non-reactive elements of our society.

The Times of India guys definitely figured that out even before it dawned to Govind. So they make the newspaper less depressing by adding colorful pictures and a not to mention my favorite Bangalore Times supplement with Calvin & Hobbes and Garfield.
Also the protagonist Govind is not like me after all, if Chetan Bhagat was to write on me he would have to Call it 300 Mistakes of My life.

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