Thursday, March 10, 2011

Are you a hacker?

I wish this quote is terribly wrong
If you are a genius you should have proved it to the world by 30

Recently read a collection of questions to ask an entrepreneur, to judge how successful she/he would be. One of the questions that I liked was

Q: Quote an instance when you have hacked any system?

Hacking need not be breaking in into someone’s mail account and system need not be a computer. Basically it can be any instance where you found the normal functioning is inefficient, and came up with alternate way. It needs to be somewhat ethical (bribing, cybercrime, etc to be excluded, though I agree many criminals are genius). For example found an efficient new way of doing something or found undocumented/unintentional functionality in a tool/software or used a feature that is for a certain purpose for entirely different purpose, etc.

I feel as students of science/technology we should all ask ourselves this question to judge how passionate we are about technology. Could be a nice yardstick

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