Monday, November 19, 2012

A boon

He traveled the road untraveled for long. He met a saint on the road.
You have traveled long on the road untraveled to find me. I give you a boon. All your thoughts shall come true” the saint said
What happens if I think of losing the boon” he thought.

PS: This a what I call a tweet fiction :). Again this one is on thoughts and beliefs. And was written along with "an Encounter" post. This one of course leave a lot open :)


Soumya said...

He did not actually think of losing the boon... but thought of thinking like that... LOL

Jackfruit said...

I appreciate that you though into the story. That is the entire point of tweet fiction :).

It’s complicated. His though about thinking also comes true. So he thinks of loosing and looses the boon. It is like pointers in C :).

BTW there could be more to the story. It could be kind of a fable on face value or it could be a metaphor about life, where one works hard, alone and lonely, just to lose out at the end due to negative thoughts. Or it could be just the positive (self realization that he can do it) and negative (fear that he cannot) part of mind playing games :D