Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Parents & Kids

        There are a lot of friends who are integral part of "me". But I have lost touch with many, for very long. They are in my thoughts and dreams often, but seldom on my caller list. This also makes me believe I have lost touch with myself. 
In a sense, this blog is one such friend.

Today's post is a question to my non existing readers.

You all are a child to wonderful parents and many are loving parent to an adorable child. I believe we take a lot from our parents and provide just moments of happiness in return.

So my question is: Which 6 months in life span of a child does he/she bring maximum happiness to his/her parents?

As I wait in hope that someone shall reply, I will discuss my answer. I believe parent child relation like every other relationship changes with time. So I believe it will be a lie if someone says kids feel the same to parents all the time. I probably brought more happiness to my parents as a kid than I do now as grown up.

In my opinion most parents get maximum happiness from their children between the age of 4 months to 10 months. 

Before this golden age babies are mostly sleeping and passive other than the occasional smile and gurgle. And after this age they start developing likes and dislikes, grow their own character, become demanding and this growth continues till they become useless grown up like me. 


Soumya said...

I think the golden age is somewhere between 2 to 3 when they start experimenting with language picking up complex words in a very sweet way :)... Atleast to me it was... But maybe coz until 2 Nived was a cry baby :)

Jackfruit said...

kido here is already too demanding ... hmmm ... seems he did not start putting you in trouble by abusing visitors.