Thursday, March 22, 2007

Colour of the Sky

My two and a half year old nephew was busy doing his daily quota of colouring. I sat near him reading editorial form The Hindu, also giving him some vital consulting in his task. Some time into colouring the scenery in his colouring book, he stopped and asked me what is the colour of the Sky. I spontaneously opened my mouth to say blue, but then I thought of acting like a smart guy. So I motivated him to paint the sky as he saw it when he was outside. He painted the sky red, yellow and orange, with grey clouds.
I was pleased. I had just stopped from misdirecting him. His sky shall remain colourful red, orange and yellow till an enlightened kinder garden teacher or a smart friend corrects him. Then on he too will paint the sky as blue. All through my life too a lot of people form parents, teachers to friends played a huge role in painting my world. And now many things around me might have wrong colours. But I have been well trained to be colour blind :-)

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