Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Laziness is the mother of MANY inventions

As a software engineer some of the shortest and smartest codes I have written are just because I was lazy to write bigger code or lazy to search the internet to find if there is a tried and tested way of solving the problem.
Facing a problem I have two options
1. Google (or read) and find out the by-book way of doing it.
2. Adjust with the commands I already know. And this lazy adjustment has made me do a lot of tricky things in life. In this process I have many a times thought
Wheel should have been invented by a very lazy guy who was tired of lifting things

But putting forward this argument to friends, I noticed conspicuous absence of the 3rd choice in my list
3. Not solving the problem at all and leaving it for others to solve. :-)

So I noted lazily that the absence of third option is also important.

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Hi Gr8 Points
Another s/w engineer of u r kind !