Thursday, July 26, 2007


A friend asked me why I blog even when no one is reading. I have been thinking about about an answer.

One day I may become rich and famous then people may be interested in knowing more about me. They may want to know my opinion. This blog may become the window to my thoughts.

This may even be the stepping stone and I may write a Harry Potter. Someone said everyone can write one best seller and that is his autobiography. I will name mine "Abnormally Normal". First I should wait for google to start free publishing. Then like I do after every blog, I would send a mail to all my beloved friends – “I have written an autobiography please read”.

Someday I may learn to write interesting things and my blog shall have thousands of hits per day and then I shall make some money out of ads on my blog. Times of India may find my thoughts interesting and invite me to write editorial. It may also die out someday. Some religious organization may call my blog hurting their sentiments and smash my computer or even send in a suicide squad. Government may find my blog causing mental agony to youth and ban it. My room mates may blackmail me to stop this nonsense or leave the house. But most probably some day I may get too bored to write any more blogs and I will stop for good.

Then having dinner at a nearby Sukh Sagar I got the right answer. He was talking to himself answering unasked questions. He was reasoning the unreasonable. He was questioning with out expecting an answer. He was talking without expecting to be listened. He was mad.

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