Saturday, July 21, 2007


every blessing ignored becomes a curse”.
Polo Cohello in Alchemist

Quite true I should agree. All average men live with these curses. But there have been times in our life when we let go of an opportunity after a lot of thought.
At school I had an opportunity to visit Lakshadweep at a huge concession rate. I always loved travel. This was my great chance. But on the flip side this meant I will miss my much awaited Christmas vacation. Ten days spend with my parents, meeting my brother. My friends reasoned that I will not miss home in all the excitement of the trip. But yes my home shall miss me. I gave it a miss. I enjoyed that vaccation the most and back from vacation I felt great.

There are few “well thought” misses we give to opportunities in life. People may state those as our failures. But these well thought missed opportunities are an important factor that define what you are.

But then I agree there are some misses that are curses too.

Strolling through the path of time
With idle thoughts that are mine
I saw her pass by
She was my dream, my life’s golden lane
To her I cried out in wane
Why did you have to leave me in pain
With empathy she wined
I had given you a chance
It was you who left with just a glance

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