Saturday, September 22, 2007

About some Alien words

I was thinking about some alien words like license, copyright and plagiarism after seeing a post and comments following in this rearset blog that I visit.

Plagiarism in our life probably started in school when we first copied English and math assignment from our best friends. Then we copied our senior’s project work and that was copied by our juniors. I enjoyed Hindi movies that were shamelessly copied from English (including the scripts). I grew up enjoying songs with tunes and lines copied f rom other languages.
We grew up reading pirated novels sold on footpaths. Then came the computer revolution. We joined the revolution with pirated OS in our new computers. Heard unlicensed songs downloaded from internet. We watched movies on pirated dvds/vcds which could be rented from every other shop around. We played pirated computer games.

Probably we cannot stop copying. It is human nature. And this definitely comes as a proof for “Darwin’s theory”. Humans have inherited this ability to copy or I would call it disability to avoid copying from monkeys.

Also note the license info I added on my blog. But of-course on a lighter note, who the heck would care to copy contents from my blog?

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