Friday, September 14, 2007

Electronic Forgetting

Forgetting things is such an important part of our life. If I was not forgetting things I would still be remembering the scientific names of those rare plants which I mugged up in 12th standard. I would still remember the phone numbers that don’t exist now. I may even remember what I had planned to do this day 4 years back.

Now my memory is extended from the memory I carry inside my head to the electronic memory of my computer and mobile. I always wish for software that remembers only the information that can be reused and clears the rest. Now I do the “electronic forgetting” manually once in 3-4 months.

Just like on a lazy rainy day I sit alone in my room browsing through those bitter-sweet memories, today on a rainy day I sat in front of my computer going through my electronic memory. Sorting, deleting or restoring a few memories. And somewhere I found these.

Forget me in your gain
Remember me in your pain
I am not the mighty ship which can sail your life
But am the humble needle which can stitch your life


Shiv said...

very true abt these memories...something like where memories are compared to the start the perfume's fragrance spreads all over...but as time passes it slowly fades ths somewher...true na...

Jackfruit said...

hmmm.. ya ... I agree.