Friday, October 19, 2007

"Kambakth Ishq"

Every time we wish one of our friends a happy Journey we add a little wish “hope you get a beautiful girl for company” (aptly changed as “handsome boy for company” for girls). When traveling in train the first thing to do on reaching the railway station is to check the railway reservation chart for those magic lines.


But of-course it always happens that there are no girls around in my compartment. It is probably a case of “Murphy’s Law”. And even if there are few, I appear to be invisible to them. But by now I have become mature enough not to expect much. But that optimism never dies off. But this week-end traveling from Chennai to Bangalore by VOLVO bus things were different. I was getting on the bus from the midway and not from the starting point. As I entered, the bus was almost full already. People were at different stages of sleeping. I walked in looking for seat number 20 and it was near a girl. Now this is very rare in bus and often means trouble. The girl will insist that it is a ladies seat and I will be send off further back in the bus to enjoy the bumpy ride home. But today is a different day I thought as the girl gave a minimal smile minus the eye contact as she moved her hand bag to clear my aisle seat. I remembered a lady’s comment “Girls hate strangers infiltrating to their comfort zone, especially in the bus”. “Ok lady you have your comfort zone and thanks for not pushing me into that stupid last seat” I thought. What if I got a chance to break the Ice, although unlikely at 11pm? What if this story does not end with this journey? What if she gave me her mobile number and we became great friends? What if …?

“Excuse me” … some guy had interrupted me from the seat behind. I turned back
“Do you mind, exchanging places? so that I could sit with my friend (he said pointing to young girl sitting a few row behind us).”
“ok, I don’t mind (hmmm…) ”
“Thank a lot” … you are not welcome I thought in mind.

What followed was bit complex permutation and combination which involved four people. Making into my new seat and settling into a comfortable posture, I thought with a smile, in my case there are no exceptions to Murphy’s Law. I put on my ear-phones and my k750i played a romantic number from Malayalam film “Akale”. I turned back for a quick glance, the couple where cuddled together sharing ear-phone from some mp3 player. I thought silently “Kambakth Ishq …”


Sachi said...

Nice blog! Some sort of relief as i was in the opinion that it happens only to me always ;)

munnabhai said...

gua..ha..ha.. ;)