Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Why Astrology?

After the past blog been thinking of Astrology and why we still read this nonsense. Passion to understand future has been a constant companion for mankind ever since its existence on earth. Even in this scientific age, lot of self made and confident youngsters enjoy reading astro predictions. Probably this is another thing that brings out the fear, love and desires in depths of our heart. Reading a 500 word yearly prediction we mostly see our mind highlighting our own plans (hidden or open) within the depths of our mind.
Reading (this) yearly predictions with a friend who shares the same sun sign, while I was excited about fatter paychecks and better work, which were in line with my plans. He noted that he could get married this year, as were his plans.

Anyway a happy NEW YEAR to all.

A kid’s New Year thoughts…
New Year may make me a star
New Year may take me that far
Leaving behind the toys that are old
Travelling far in search of that gold
Or it might get me that new car
The car that will take me that far

If that one is bad you could try this. some one forwarded it to me.

Don't know why poetry should be big and complex to be called good. A poem is often said to be good if you were to grab the dictionary 10 times and still not understand most of it. But 10 line long simple poems have a beauty of there own.

It is true "Simplicity of expression is a manifestation of profound depth and clarity in thought"


dharmabum said...

@ simplicity in expression - i complete agree. one of my favourite teachers was my physics professsor...he would tell us...if someone is a really good physicist, he should be able to explain things even to the common man

dharmabum said...

blogrolled, btw. hope its ok with u

Jackfruit said...

dharmabum ... thanks for visiting and thanks for blogrolling too. It surely encourages me. :)