Monday, January 28, 2008

Work Work Work

Dropping dead on the bed after completing work for the day. Getting up only when the alarm has reached its maximum volume. Missing the 10 AM coffee break. Getting a new idea as I bite into Buritto for lunch. Getting more work just when I was thinking life can’t get busier.

Weather has been joining my mood. It has been raining. Days are darker than usual. There is chill in air. Nights are windy. There are people all around coughing and sneezing. I am having a round of usual sour throat. Black tea and hot water has replaced the chilled juices and soda.

But soon the rains will be gone. Sun shall be back and it will be warm again. I shall have fixes for all the problems or I might just get lucky trying out things. At these times it surprises me how much perseverance I have.


dharmabum said...

i been working like mad too. and i like it. and i'm equally surprised about liking it :)

Anonymous said...

Continue your perseverence

Jackfruit said...

dharmabum: hmmm... is it a step towards becoming a workaholic :)

anonymous: cannot help telling you how much you sound like my manager... :-D:-D:-D

mathew said...

dude..i loved reading this piece..somehow felt there is somone out there having the same mood as me today!!

Hari said...

thanks to me for that amazing photograph (torrey pines beach ) ;)