Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Back home

I am back in Bangalore after a longer than usual outside India travel. “Hell is full I am back” … I wish I had a t-shirt with this message, I could have worn that around (although the trip was good and I enjoyed a lot). Not much has changed anywhere. No one messed up with my office too. It looked the same as I had left it.

By around 6 pm jet lag was catching up with me. But some urgent work still kept me around till 8.30 pm. I ran to the bus yard to catch the 8.30 shuttle home. The first to start buses were already moving. Then I realized that I had forgotten something important in these three months period. The magic bus number N23, N6, N8, etc written on the busses no more made any sense to me. I was finding it difficult to find the bus route I needed. And the arrangement of busses had changed a lot since I last took 8.30 shuttles. Time was running out. The first two people I asked gave me the universal right answer - “Sorry, I don’t know.”
Now this sounded like trouble, the next shuttle was an hour away. Then looking around I saw her, one of those hard to forget beautiful nameless faces. It was the familiar face that reassured me every morning that I had not missed my office shuttle as I came running to my bus stop (Being late and running to catch the bus is of-course my idea of healthy living). Now things were easy I followed her into the bus. Took an empty seat, and put on my mobile’s ear phone and tuned into 104 FM. Everything went on smoothly till the bus took that unexpected turn. It was then that I realized that she has shifted her house. I stood up and shouted for an out of schedule stop. The driver murmured his disagreement and followed it up with a curse for all stupid engineers and stopped a few hundred meters ahead. That was his way of sweet revenge.

A lot has changed I thought as I got an autorickshaw back home.

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mr. clean said...

kanda penpillaarude pinnaale manappichu nadannaal ingane palethum sambhavikkum!! che! lajjaavaham!!! ;);)