Thursday, March 27, 2008

Pension, Insurance and Family

Personal Insurance business has caught up well in India. Insurance companies make such a great living out of basic animal traits like insecurity, fear and ego that they are growing day-by-day. On the positive side insurance companies are nearest to socialists in a capitalist economy.
But this also reminds of rapidly dying family relation which was India’s own form of Insurance and social security. “Insuring a better future”, “50 Years of Trust…”, “Zindagi ke saath bhi, Zindigi ke baadh bhi (with you in life and after life)” all these catch phrases of Insurance companies draw some parallels to family relations.

Friends and extended family helping the sick formed the medical insurance for Indians. The added incentive was the breakfast, lunch and dinner package with all hospitalization. Parents were well cared for by children was India’s pension scheme. Here the added incentive was absence of loneliness of staying alone. But then a few people claim that friends and family “may” not be happy to spend when you are in need. But we can be assured that the insurance company “is definitely” not happy to spend for you. Over and above they spend a fortune on people who find innovative ways not to spend any money on you. Above all the family relations come with lesser number of hidden stars (* conditions apply).

Possibly in future some business houses may come up with innovative thoughts like Insurance against loneliness, Insurance against lack of love, Insurance against a sad day, Hands to comfort scheme etc.

Until then a strong family relation is the best that we can have.


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