Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Life of Pi

It is after long three months that I am reading a book and that is a long time by my standards. The “life of Pi” has been in my room for long and I never read it. Of late the internet has caught up with me and I have started reading more on internet.

The book is low on thrills and frills, bit high on facts and philosophy. None the less I like it a lot. Half way thorough the book, toping my “favorite thoughts chart” is the one below.

I know zoos are no longer in people’s good graces. Religion faces the same problem. Certain illusions about freedom plague them both”. Life of pi – Yann Martel

Indian constitution gives us the right to freely profess, practice and propagate religion. But then people may be right when they say that preaching one religion is against other religion’s right to practice.
Not only freedom of religion but freedom in every sense is dogged by certain illusions.
Discipline and justice often conflict with freedom. Discussing freedom and rebels with a group of friends, one friend commented “All my friends smoke and drink but I don’t, so I am the real rebel. All my friends oppose parents and teachers authority but I confirm, so I am the real rebel”.

At times freedom becomes very dictatorial. In this case you lose the freedom of not exercising that freedom.

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