Friday, February 29, 2008

Driving on Indian Roads

Browsing through some random Blogs I ran into this Blog by Adhiraj Joglekar. He has come up with a blog to educate at least the net browsing Indian population. Now this is something that I appreciate a lot.

Please Visit this blog and also try to follow some of it. Driving-India

Even before I had visited any foreign country I had seen better driving etiquettes in one area with in India. Early part of my life was in various Air-force stations. Inside the camps it was absolute order and outside I always noticed the conspicuous absence of traffic order. After traveling outside India I notice the sorry state of affairs in India even more (and the worse part is I enjoy it to some extend).

Terms like blind spot, defensive driving etc were an essential part of driving lessens that I got from my father. From him I heard how the driving instructors in Army/Air force stressed on driving etiquettes. And for sure educating the drivers and some strongly enforced rules can make even Indians drive sanely (Definitely proved inside the Air Force Camps). Probably that is what we need through out India. For sure it can make Indian road a slightly better and safer place for us.

Happy and safe driving to all


Fighter Jet said... true..and hope u must have seen those idiots behind the weels..honking even at red much to say about Indians and their driving ettiques

mathew said...

really it was a true shock to learn that what we do back home is not is some kind of mad rush..and imagine me having to see the germans driving, which left me in awe..Infact it feels like very robotic.

dharmabum said...

no driving for me. i ride :)

Nanditha Prabhu said...

true so true...............its long time we learnt the etiquettes of driving...once you are used to driving out side india , it is going to be hard foe us to switch back to the indian roads:)