Wednesday, November 12, 2008

local KERALA liquor shop

Not a picturesque “Kallu shaap” (local liquor shop) in Kerala but the advertisement of “SOMANY Tiles” on the Wall made this interesting to me. SOMANY - that it is an integral part of Kerala's culture/cuisine. They have "Kallu" (alcohol) shops on almost each street.

SOMANY - that Kerala has the largest per capital consumption of Alcohol at 8.3 liters (Kerala is a state were 30 % of population believes in a religion that forbids even going to a place that serves Alcohol). Not bad at all.

SOMANY that they also have Kerala Booze lovers Association. - Kerala Booze lovers association Kerala is also a land of Association. Anyone and everyone have associations. And all associations have meeting. And all meetings serve Alcohol (If it is a religious or political meeting alcohol is served unofficially)
Also of interest will be this link on "Vellamadi Singing" -- Mallu's not only add soda or Ice but also add plenty of music to their drinks.

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