Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Toss and Decide

Quite early in my life I started tossing a coin to decide. The earliest I remember is tossing a coin to decide if I should eat my packed lunch or throw it away as early as 3rd standard.

But at certain juncture of time someone slightly changed the way I made decision after the toss. I really don’t remember if I read this somewhere or was it word of mouth. But since then toss was a slightly more serious affair

The theory was that you could do a toss when you could not decide between two options by weighing the pros and cons. The starting steps are as usual, fix one option each on head and tail. Toss the coin and you will have your decision. Now for the slight change part…
* If at knowing the result of the toss. You say “oh shit”, or there is slight pinch in the heart. Do the opposite of what the toss said
* If the result brings a smile on your face or you feel some relief, go with the toss
* If neither of the two above happened then certainly you should let the toss decide and go with it.

And then there are more serious things where not time taken to decide but the decision itself is more critical. For this there is an extension called “devils advocate”. Here you go with decision you have got in the above process. Fight for it, reason for it and live it for a week. At the end of one week you could again do analysis on how you feel about the decision and then pick the final one. And of-course this option has the side effect of being called mad if you end up changing your decision at the end of the week.

But probably the most important part is that once the decision is made there is no looking back “fight to death to make the decision a success”
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