Monday, March 16, 2009

Nostalgia isn’t what it used to be

I always liked stories. I always looked for stories in my life and in life around me. And I am a big fan of nostalgia.

When friends meet up the best moments are when we browse through the chapters of our memory and there is a flow of funny and interesting stories. Often with a sweet surpise we realize there was more to the stories than what we knew. Many of these moments were probably not so funny then. It is sad to feel that we would have already forgotten a lot of those funny or sadistically funny things about life.

It is fascinating to know how much this world has changed. Not those big changes that become history, but small changes that go unnoticed. I loved the old time stories my dad and mom told me as a kid. I liked the old time stories my brother told me. Then in school and college I liked the stories that seniors told me. It is sad that as our worn out brain forgets or even worse when old bones go to the graveyard we loose all those stories and memories.

And so I liked the very idea of a site for Nostalgia. Actually it’s a site on the way things were. It is fun. Check it out.

Link: The Way Things Where

It would be greater fun if we could make up some kind of a book or a website about all those fun moments from school and college and life there after that I could read and enjoy.

I also like the comment that came along “Nostalgia isn’t what it used to be”


Anonymous said...

Hmmm we need to write a book on sainiks

state of mind? said...

luv ur opening lines....nice post n a kewl idea!!

Jackfruit said...

state of mind: Thanks :D

mathew said...

few days ago i posted something quite nostalgic..and nice to know that you value it as much as I do to...

Jackfruit said...

Mathew: Ahhaaa.. Yes I read that post. I should say I have hundreds of sweet memories linked with the Idiot box. :P:D