Thursday, April 16, 2009

Horror has a neW address

I was walking into PVR to watch new Madhavan movie13B. I went to the PVR directly from gym and had my sneakers and gym dress in the bag. Thanks to all the terrorists you can’t walk into any decent place with a bag and without some stranger peeking into it.

So at PVR too we had this nice gentleman, who happily opened my bag poked probingly at the shoes and the dress. And then he looked amused

Sir aap gym jaate hai” (Sir do you go to gym)

Yes” (being a “busy” IT engineer I was quite proud of that feat)

Dekhke to nahi lagtha” (Looking at you I don’t feel so.!!!!)

“What the f*** #@#%@@~!!!” (in my mind)

Well I should say the tag line of the movie 13B came true “horror has a new address”

Also I have really encouraging friends. After seeing my blog a friend forwarded a really encouraging quote to me.

Better to write for yourself and have no public, than to write for the public and have no self : Cyril Connolly


Child at the seashore said...

aa friend oru mandan/mandi aayirikkanam
Your blogs are good.It brings a little smile on people's face

Jackfruit said...

Child at the seashore: Oh no, you took it in a wrong sense. He was appreciating me and my ability to keep writing.