Friday, September 18, 2009

I love to blog

I returned to blog after a long break. Long break is due to some technical problems which are due to some personal changes. And one thing I am sure is that I love to blog.

Below is the list of all the internet tools/stuff that I use, in decreasing order of liking
1. Reader: (mostly I use Google Reader. This has significantly changed the way I read and what I read. I have fallen in love with following friends and reading the interesting stuff they share)
2. Blog: (How much ever I let it go. It keeps coming back. I write blogs, read blogs, browse blogs and love blogs. Well I am not much into personal rants but)
3. Groups –yahoo/google: All gangs have groups and especially the school one is really active.
4. Social networking sites - Orkut/facebook etc: (I have got a bit bored of it. Now I use it only to track events/changes in life of friends/acquaintance and not much for actual keeping in contact)
5. Twitter: (Tried it but just not falling in love with it. Think my limited internet connectivity could be one reason I don’t like it much)
emails: Well I am not even mentioning in this list for that is one thing which is very basic and I will be handicapped without it.

As it is after a long hiatus I checked out the blog statistics and realized that almost 98 % of the people wandering into my blog from search engines are here looking for team outing games and team outing locations and that is because of the “Team Outing” blog.

A small note to help them out a bit more :D. We also visited a resort “Olde Bangalore” recently and it had nice ambience and good food, although the location (near to BIA) was bit too far from city. Although the location can be its advantage too, depends on what your needs are.


vazhipokkan said...

technical problems due to personal change??? hahaha... kollaam.. ;-)

Jackfruit said...

@vazhipokkan: hmmm... in life you can make a lot of interesting excuses