Thursday, October 01, 2009

A generation’s confusion

Each generation lives with its own confusions, complexities and fears. And this generation too has its own share. I should say confusions make life memorable, unpredictable and fun.

I am trying to list out some topics which I have discussed for significant amount of time with significant amount of people. The topics were (I think this is specific to India)
* Which college?
* Private or Public sector job
* India or Abroad
* Love or Arranged marriage
(Any more or any less to this list, do let me know :D)

It appearing to be “marriage and divorce” sort of season around, Love and Arranged marriages are the hottest topics I should say. So here I list some of the interesting things I learned

1. Parents always surprise you when they accept the partner you choose. The more conservative and arranged marriage supporters they appeared to be, the more surprised you would be when you announce the partner you have chosen (could be the case of hindi proverb ‘miya bivi raazhi tho kya karega haaji’ **).

2. Chances of arranged marriages working has come down with both partners “working”. With GenX becoming more realistic, all the funda of family support making arranged marriages work don’t hold true.

3. Never say no or sacrifice your love for the happiness of your family. Both you and family will be sad in the end.

Quoting from my favorite “loVe in the time of Cholera

“Even if you are dying of fear, even if you are sorry later, because whatever you do, you will be sorry all the rest of your life if you say no.”

4. Love or arranged, either way marriages require a lot of work to be successful.
(But they are fun, Try atleast one)

5. Relax after all you have arranged marriage as an option…!!!! Even if you do not have girl/boy friend, never worry too much and enjoy the peace of mind :D. (Arranged marriages are definitely not bad :D)

On one of my travel (long time back), I met a US guy who said “At least you Indian do not have to be stressed up about one thing... you won’t die a virgin even if you do not find a date … in case you fail your parents will succeed.”

Also on the same note, somewhere I once read “Love is one place ‘where never tried it’ is better than ‘tried it and failed’ … ”

** roughly means: if husband and wife agree then others can’t anything about it.


Hari said...

enthaade wife innu kazhikkan onnum ondaki thannille ;) ..kure soap idunello...

Soumya said...

Nice list :)... I will add one more...
6. Let marriage be love or arranged, a bit of humour will ease a lot of tension :-)

Jackfruit said...

NO brother... wifeinde kayil ninnum endengilum thinnam ennu ulla moham... I nerver had that... !!! :D

Yes I am sure my list is not exhaustive... and sense of humour .. that sure helps

mathew said...

these are fav topics of discussion with my friends here and india..and there is no conclusion ever..;-)

Jackfruit said...

Same here :D:D. Probably because the "right way" is different for each person.