Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A proposal – PART 3

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PART3 - A Long Weekend, Saturday

It was a long weekend as Monday was May 1st. All four of us were to meet in Bangalore that weekend. Mithun and I reached Bangalore on Saturday morning by bus and Jovin was to reach Bangalore from Hyderabad by 6.30 am by Bangalore Express.

I was staying with some school friends for the first day, Jovin and Mithun were meeting up some family friends and our plans together were from Sunday morning. Around 6’Clock I got a call from Arun. He wanted to meet me it was something urgent. He sounded different, he always sounded different when his brain was working. Only other time he had sounded like this was in college, when on way to hostel from city market on his bike, police had stopped him for a routine license check and caught his favorite movie collection (a bunch of pirated movie CDs and DVDs) and demanded Rs.200 bribe to let him go. This was sure urgent. In one hour I was with him in his 2nd floor 2 bed room rented apartment. Two of his other 3 flat mates were in Kerala for the long weekend. ) One was in office

Aliya Aake kalip aayi… (brother-in-law its trouble…). He said

I couldn’t help smiling. After all three years the same opening dialog, reminded me of the hostel days.
It was then that he broke the news of his love with Neena and his upcoming wedding plans. I acted as if surprised. I had got the news a few days back. But the problem was not that. Friday afternoon Priya had called Arun and asked if they could meet to buy a gift for Jovin. They met after office at the Forum Mall. Priya looked more beautiful than ever. She was happy but a bit differently happy that day. She was chirpy like ever but her mind was somewhere else. They walked around Forum Mal, bought an iPod nano from Forum 2nd Floor Apple store (quite an odd gift for a guy going onsite to US) and a greeting card from the ground floor Archies store. Then they went for an early dinner to KFC. It was here that Arun first smelled the smoke of fire that was burning within Priya’s mind. She was tense and silent but the smile was intact on her face, it makes her look cute. And according to Arun what followed were the longest few minutes in his life. Priya said she had come to know of Arun’s love for her (through me) a few months back and she was pleasantly surprised. Right from college she too had a soft corner for him. Not for the silent, shy and reserved Arun he was when she was around but the talkative, cheerful and active Arun he was to all the other girls in the class. Priya’s love for Arun she said was a secret among her ladies hostel gang as his was in our gang. She had though about it over last few months and had lost hope that Arun would muster enough courage to propose to her and so she was taking the initiative. As Priya knew the kind of indecisive soul he was and she had given him a week’s time to think over it and give her a reply.

As Arun completed the narration a few minutes long silence followed. Both of us just sat looking at each other. I was more surprised by the Arun’s emotion and reaction, than by the news it self. It was for the first time I was seeing tear in his eyes, but it was not going to be for the last time. The silence grew unbearable.

So what did you decide? I asked
"I know dad and mom will go crazy. They were really not very happy with my plans with Neena itself. Now when they come to know I am leaving her to get married to someone else they are going to be mad. But it has to be so. I haven’t slept a bit since yesterday. But I realize that Priya is my real love, I have always loved her. It was Neena only because I felt Priya was impossible. I know I shall break Neena's heart. But it will be cheating if I still get married to Neena with full realization that I love Priya."
Now things were getting out my control. As I opened my mouth to say something, he continued.
"I need to set this right soon. First I will talk to Priya first thing tomorrow morning. I will tell her about Neena, and what my plans are. Then I go to meet Neena and explain everything to her. I want you to be with me when I talk to Neena. Hope she will forgive me for being cruel to her. If not today someday at least she shall understand that what I did was the best for both of us. Then I need you to talk to my parents, tell them I am sorry for being such a looser. I never understood myself well, then how could I understand a girl. I know my parents trust you for your practical and radical thinking. I trust your assertiveness and skills to convince people."
You sure have to trust in my skill at convincing people, for I could convince someone to get you in this mess, I thought silently.

Before I could open my mouth, there was a knock on the door. It was his roommate Jeevan who was back from office.

No more discussing this infront of Jeevan” and he got up to open the door.

Damn his secrets. I thought silently. For sure none of his roommates had any idea of his plans. We did not discuss anything more that night.

Don’t go ahead with your plan till tomorrow morning breakfast” I said to Arun as we wished goodnight and slept.
All four of us were to meet at Koramangala Sukh Sagar, A south Indian vegetarian restaurant. Priya too was to join.


Hari said...

etho oru hindi cinemayude katha pole thonnunu..kure cinemakalaku ithe theme ayathu kodnu peru orma varunilla (Dil to pagal hai - മനസിന്‌ വട്ടാനെല്ലോ, etc etc )..

enthayalum adi kollan ninne aanu ellarum kandu vechirikunathu :D [I trust your assertiveness and skills to convince people.]

pinne aliya ithokke ullathu thanne.. 2 peroo... nammal evide thalla kuthi ninittum, hair style matiyitum, peru adjust cheytitum (facebookil ente peru Hari Krish aanu keeto ;) ), ella kuruti paripadiyum nadathiytium onnu polum kitunilla..
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Jackfruit said...

thonnalu okke thettanu !!! ... pinne jeevitham thanne oru cinema pole alle, so similarity is just coincidental :D:D

pinne ithokke verum kadha alle appi ... in reality girls are not so bright to understand gems like you and me ... :P:P ... pinne peru mattiyathil numerology prashnam undennanu thonunnathu... try Kriishnaan too ...

Ende blogil kittunna visitors-inde ennam vechu Adsense karu oru naya paisa tharilla... !!!! :D:D

Hari said...

ഇത് കറക്റ്റ് തന്നേയ്
n reality girls are not so bright to understand gems like you and me