Thursday, October 22, 2009

A proposal - PART4

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PART 4 - The Sunday (Last Part)

Next morning there was an uneasy silence between us. We were lost in our own thought. As we reached the Koramangala Sukh Sagar Jovin and Mithun were already there. Jovin had become more handsome. Mithun had put on a some weight. But for a second it was old times again.

We sat around a Table in one corner. There were six chairs around the teak wood table. I, Jovin and Mithun sat on one side, Arun at one corner on other side. He was lost in his own world. Priya was the last to join. She took the other corner, with an empty seat between her and Arun. Priya was as beautiful as ever. That ever lasting smile, at times I too fall in love with her. Especially like that day, when she does not over do it. She looked a bit tense. Arun was concentrating too hard on the menu card, his mind was else where. I saw him stealing a few secret glances at Priya. Only Mithun and Jovin were taking unaware of the smoke and fire in the minds around them. Priya was looking at her phone very often, like she was desperately waiting for that one call from prime minister of India.

Don’t you think these 3 guys are unnaturally quite” Jovin asked Mithun.
They had noticed that only two of them were talking for a quite long time. Among the rest there was an uneasy calm. The silence was most conspicuous on Arun. He was looking drained out.
All three of us looked at each other for a second. And then Priya got a call and she got up and moved out to talk. She looked more excited as she came back.

Dear friends …” Priya started, clearing her throat and holding an imaginary mike infront of her. She did this at college to catch our attention.

This is to help our friend Arun who is chocking with all the secrets he is holding within him. For your information, I proposed to Arun day before yesterday …
Atleast 2 of us were surprised and shocked.

And the bigger shock is …” she continued, today she was at her best.
Our Arun is in love with his colleague called Neena, and is planning to get married…
Now atleast 3 of us were shocked.

And Vishnu came to know about this from Arun’s parents just a few days back. Since Arun had kept a big thing like his love story a secret from us, his best friends, he decided teach him a lesson. So he decided to play a small practical joke on him …”

“A joke that had become too serious…”. I thought silently. Arun was sitting shell shocked.

She continued “So Vishnu called me up and told me the story and the plan of action. As per the plan I called up Arun on Friday and proposed to him. And that is the reason for this embarrassed face …” she said pointing to Arun’s face. Arun was staring at me dumbstruck. He quickly signaled me to silence.
There was a moment of silence on the table and then every one burst out laughing, including Arun and me. But I could see the tears in Arun’s eyes. I could see his heart, feel his pain.

And the surprise is not yet over. I introduce you to Neena” and then Priya made a call and Neena walked in, she took the seat between Priya and Arun.
On Saturday night I had got Neena’s number and send it to Priya.
It appeared like a perfect get-together then on. Arun and I kept a bit abnormally quite.

As both the Girls left after breakfast, as four of us stood silently, I remembered what Arun had written secretly on the last page of Priya’s final year project report on the last day at our college.

When the tiring sun sets
When the wandering mind is set free
When you think of the people you love
Please remember me.

Priya or Neena never knew about the Saturday night discussion. Ever


Hari said...
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Hari said...

ഒരു sad end ആയി പോയല്ലോ ... :( ..
അവന്മാരുടെ ഒരു ഓടുകത്തെ plan of action...

I saw him stealing a few secret glances ---
ഇങ്ങനെ ഉള്ള അവസരത്തില്‍ cooling glass ആണ് ബെസ്റ്റ് ... കണ്ണിനു നല്ല കുളിര്‍മ കിട്ടും also നല്ല പോലെ വായീ നോകുകയും ചെയാം ...

Jackfruit said...

Oru kadha aakumbol oru twist okke vende... :D

pinne cooling glass number, I know you r an expert :P:P

Soumya said...

Oru similar real story njan kandu pidichittundu... Going to post in my blog... Without the disclaimer that you kept ;)

Hari said...

ഇങ്ങനെ മനുഷ്യനെ പറ്റിക്കുന്ന കഥകള്‍ ഒക്കെ ഇട്ടാല്‍ ജ്ഞാന്‍ ad senseinum blogspotiunm കംപ്ലൈന്റ്റ്‌ കൊടുക്കും ;)

Jackfruit said...

That disclaimer was exclusively to avoid ones like you wasting their time :D:D

Athrekuaayo... I am cutting your share of adsense revenue from 50% to 25% :P:P

mathew said...

after reading all the four parts..i feel its almost a real story!! well written..

Jackfruit said...

Nice to hear that it sounds quite real. Thanks :D:D

Stupid Cow said...

sounds quite real

Jackfruit said...

thanks for reading through... I tried my best not to make it a impossible story... :D

Vaneesh said...

Hmmm...Kollaaam...Ninne vannu njaan kaanunundu.... ;-)

Jackfruit said...

thanks bro...