Sunday, January 03, 2010

Happy New Year

Another year end and time for another appraisal.

This year end appraisal shows more changes on personal front than on professional. At office I got some free time this year to retrospect on my career. But I do confess the more I tried to put my thought in order, the more I got tangled in it. It felt like trying to put back a tangled mess of unwound audio cassette tape. So at least for now I have let myself go with the flow.

One of my tutors in engineering entrance coaching class used to give generous amount of philosophical tips along with his tips on solving mathematics problems. He used to say while praying you should only thank god for what he has already given, only thing you should ask for is good health for you and your family.

He used to say, everything else that you want, can be earned. He used to give some interesting advice every day. I could list out only few tips which were more unique

Eat curd and rice every night

Apply oil on your head everyday

And finally, secret of success according to him – Hardwork with Honesty and Dedication

So my wish for all of you on this new year day is

Wish You a Healthy New Year


Sachi Kesavan said...

For some reasons i started to believe hardwork and honesty is not way to success...

I have seen so many live examples in my life...

Anyways. Nice writeup. Have a great year ahead :)

Jackfruit said...

Well I too agree that nowadays hardwork and honesty is not the only way :P

A very happy new year to you too.

Hari said...

സന്തോഷ പുതു വര്ഷം .. just trying google IME :)

Jackfruit said...

Bro Happy new year to you.