Sunday, April 10, 2011

Democratic Kingdom of India

Election season in kerala, TamilNadu and few other states so there is a lot of politics in air. Makes me wonder how much of a democracy India is.

1. In a kingdom King rules over the state. His family is actively involved in governance. After the kings time his kids take over. At times kids fight it out among them to decide the heir.

In Indian democracy many states are controlled by one powerful family or the other, there are dynasties in center too

2. In Kingdom performers perform in front of the kings and when happy with their performance, the king spontaneously and impulsively declares a reward. Ofcourse bills are paid by the Tax paid by peoples.

In Indian democracy watch out for all state CMs declare lavish gifts for the world cup winning Cricket team. I always wish they were equally spontaneous in helping out poor people in their states. But then only relief is the hope that the CMs are equally insincere to the cricketers. I am sure the rich Indian cricketers are not waiting for the gifts though

3. In kingdom state poets write songs in praise of the King.

In India news channels are the greatest spokes persons of various leaders. Often owned by the politicians themselves, they are strongly support their patrons. In Indian democracy there are quite a few poets write in praise of politicians too

4. In kingdom the kings pictures/statues are placed predominantly across the kingdom so the history should not miss them and their statues should remind every coming generations to be thankful and support the kings heirs

In India every party when in power goes on an overdrive to install statues of their past, at times even present glorious leaders. lest we forget. I feel better about hospital/school build and named after leaders than having status. With the condition of roads in India, I can understand if they are reluctant about naming roads after them.

Hoping the best for India.

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