Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sensitivities of an Insensitive nation

It is heartening and frightening to see Anna Hazare and a lot of people supporting him taking to street for a crusade against corruption.

It is heartening to see that we insensitive Indians are so sensitive about corruption and want to do something about it. Some day when Gandhi moved on to sathyagraha many would have wondered what a single man can do. But the millions of people who were moved by him made the change possible. Who knows if Anna Hazare too inspires a million? I am sure many would have argued what Gandhi did was illegal and blackmail.

It is frightening to see a whole lot of people supporting a cause they do not really understand and care for. Once you have thrown away your dress, it is a disaster if you do not have a new one to wear.

But I personally feel it’s a change of attitude that is required the most. There are two instances that were etched into my mind. One was around 12th standard. I was introduced to a relative saying “he works in so and so office, he need not even ask for bribe, it reaches his house” and that person stood there nodding his affirmation. The second was a discussion among elders in my house about a guy who was suspended for taking bribe. An uncle explained “Poor guy his house construction is in progress, kaashinu aavisham kaanum (would be in need for money)”.
Also reminds me of a much successful Malayalam movie, Traffic. In the movie a traffic constable is suspended for taking bribe. And in the end they show that his sister needed money, it was for her that he took the money, hinting at justifying it.
I remember my mother telling me not to take any other persons pencil/rubber when she send me to nursery school, I remember her teaching me not to steal etc. But I don’t think she ever told me not to take a bribe (However unlikely, if my mother reads this post some day and feels that she told me that, I will let you guys know :)).

Every time we break some traffic rule, don’t we invariably try to offer half the fine amount to the cop who stopped us?

I would say in true malayali style. Till we are like this, our country too will be like this only


mathew said...

you are absolutely right..we somehow have started justifying giving or taking a bribe over the needs a big revolution to change this habit which is slowly destroying our country..

Jackfruit said...

mathew: hmmm ... Yes it is sad