Friday, June 24, 2011

Its not that bad

It is not all negative about corruption, it is an indicator of a healthy democracy after all.

I came through a small extract from a talk by Noam Chomsky on corruption, it was quite an interesting thought.

-- Corruption is a very positive sign of government. You should always be in favor of corruption. If people are interested in enriching themselves or in sex or something like that, then they are not interested in power. And the most dangerous thing is the guys that want power.

Furthermore, corruption has a way of being exposed for quite simple reasons. When people are corrupt, they are usually robbing other rich people. Therefore they are going to block people and when corruption gets exposed it weakens power. And so that's one of the ways you can defend yourself--

On the same note it is interesting to see government's fight against the “crusaders against corruption”. Success is evident from the amount of distrust people have against Baba Ramdev’s protest. Otherwise does Baba Ramdev’s religion or economic status matter? And how does his religion or money stop him raising his voice against black money. Or even if he is a proxy for BJP does that make his crusade bad? After all its duty of a responsible opposition party to highlight the shortcoming of a government.

Liked this (four-tips-to-end-corruption-in-india) article with some nice thoughs on corruptoin

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