Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Art called food

This post originated from a discussion over coffee with an artist friend. Basically it was on how can a simple thing like coffee be so costly?

That made me think, is not food an amazing art? Quite a complex one at that. After all it takes more than one sense organ to admire food. Good food should not just taste good, it should smell good, look good and feel good too.

Not just the food, the ambience too adds to the taste of the food. An amazing coffee would not taste so good if you at a stinking place. The amount of science, maths, experience, skill and patience that goes into any plate of food makes it great. Food is an art which can adds flavor to any activity that we couple with it. Say listening to good music or even a good movie goes so well with food, each complementing the other. Above all food have memories. How many times have you taken a mouth full of food and then got drowned in countless memories associated with it?

Like any other art not everyone appreciate the same food, and unless you have a taste, eye, nose and touch for it you cannot differentiate Rs. 5 coffee from Rs 50 coffee.

I confess I not just love eating, but also love reading and watching food.


Anonymous said...

Just the blog that I should read when I am enjoying very good food with the company of very good wines (Sent by my lovely mother-in-law) :-)

Jackfruit said...

good to get a food lover reading :)

Josh said...

Hey! Stumbled on your blog through the "next" feature.

Really like it!

Jackfruit said...

Josh: Thanks :) ...