Wednesday, January 18, 2012

To Let Go

       Few weeks back over a lazy weekend we watched two beautiful movies. Adaminde makan Abu(AMA)  and Pranayam. Both were sad but still feel-good movies, oozing with goodness and love. Both have sober theme. The two movies are about people in difficult situation, but does not go over board with sentiments. In spite of the inherent situational and natural tragedy it highlights the goodness and hope in human mind.

I generally do not like or empathize with most of the tear jerk movies that try milk tragedies (like Akashadooth). But then there are others like AMA and Pranayam that I have enjoyed in spite of all the tears and difficulties depicted. Few I can think of now are Koshish, kaazcha, TaareZameen Par and few English movies like one flew over the cuckoo’s nest, rain man etc.

But these movies get me thinking on how people handle situations that are really out of control. Have you ever felt helpless in front of life’s natural tragedies? Where you fight with all might and still fail or even worse when you know you will fail and even worse when you know you cannot even fight. Every person has his or her on way of handling these impossible situations. I would call it the “on-edge reaction”. Some choose self destructive on-edge reaction, where as other may have an escapist strategy. Few others may go spiritual.

My on-edge reaction is based on my belief that a one’s life has multiple parallel tracks or roles. Broadly classified as professional, family, social and spiritual. And each of these broad tracks has narrower sub tracks. So when I hit an absolute dead end at one or more tracks. I just let it go. And compensate by traversing other tracks on full speed. The progress on other facets brings some positive energy to life. And the helpless situation either withers away with time or shows me a way to fight back or worst case I get used to it or it becomes insignificant in a bigger picture.

So I say, when things are really out of control just take a deep breath and let go


Soumya said...

what happened? This was not the kind of post that I expected from you :) Not that it was bad... But when its from you, somewhere I am getting a red signal !!

Jackfruit said...

I hope Sir Arthur Conan Doyle did not have to be criminal to write those crime fiction:)