Sunday, May 06, 2012

Equally Confused

                       Have been reading a lot about economic disparity and need for equality. I feel social equality defines the stability of any country and stability is big factor that brings about economic activity and thus development.
Probably we should try to work towards a society where anyone with will, should be able to get to any social position he aims. I would say equality to dream (equal opportunity) should be the target. Even that would not be possible till god makes everyone equal in intelligent and emotional quotient. So in additions to equality to opportunity we need some reservation to accommodate physically or mentally challenged among us. Then there is years of so called history to be undone. So that needs more reservation. In general these reservations again create inequality. But in general more I think of it more Utopian the concept of equality seems.
Even if equality is just a dream, even to reduce the potential difference and defeat the resultant current that can put our country into instability the biggest hurdle would be mans greed. It is possible that spirituality can help. It is difficult to satisfy anyone with any amount of money or facilities, only thing that can put mankind at peace should be spirituality and god. So I would say only god can save India. We need a lot of saints.

Also reminds me of the climax seen of the movie “Enemy at the Gates”. The dialogue between Vassili and Danilov. As said by Danilov

“I have been such a fool, Vassili. Man will always be man. There is no new man. We tried so hard to create a society that was equal, where there’d be nothing to envy your neighbor. But there’s always something to envy. A smile, a friendship, something you don’t have and want to appropriate. In this world, even a Soviet one, there will always be rich and poor. Rich in gifts, poor in gift. Rich in love, poor in love”


Soumya said...

Equality is a myth ;)
If u allow me to use bad language ... Equality is bull **** !!!

Jackfruit said...

:) .... yes you are allowed :)